The Philosophy of Science

This is an old video, but it does a pretty good job.

So, when did philosophy break away from Science? What makes them so different today? Or are they still the same. To me, they both deal with the same basic short question – “Why?” The difference is that as scientists we think we can answer this question with observations and experiments. But philosophers see this approach of depending on observables as a little vulgar. Instead the answer comes from within.


2 comments on “The Philosophy of Science

  1. Philosophy is the quest for wisdom – more specifically, the “love of wisdom.”

    It is the approach of finding the answer to “Why?” from ‘within’: pure skepticism and idealism (the rejection of empiricism).

    Philosophers think we can answers questions without observations and experiments, hence why science exists. When these observations and experiments are done, is where science and philosophy split: science will formulate, through logic, what the conclusions of the testings are; philosophy does something less

    Science (previously known as ‘natural philosophy’) is superior to philosophy, by emphasizing induction and empiricism while using foundations within philosophy (logic & mathematics) to drive itself.


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