How not to report science



A lesson on how bad journalism is when it comes to science. The inference from this story is that natural causes caused a lot of warming back then, more than carbon-based emissions have today, and hence global warming is irrelevant. Of course a quick glance at the actual scientific paper shows that the journal article authors never made this claim. Yes, the ‘dinosaur methane’ did have the effect of warming the atmosphere. But it did so in a steady rate over 10s of millions of year. It didn’t suddenly jump up over 50 years. There is no reason to suspect the dinosaurs were not killed by the effects of an asteroid collision.


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  1. It’s interesting that climate change raises such a debate in the first place.. and as humans we feel that we need to be threaten with our own mortality in order to change the way we work for the “greater good” of our planet.


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