Newtons’s law reign supreme once again

Kepler planets published in science


Back way back when, our solar system ended at saturn, then after some debate Uranus was added. We had saw Uranus before loads of times, but it moved so slow in the sky that no one suspected it was a planet. Then we had a problem. Uranus was not moving it way it should be according to Newtons’s laws of gravity. As the entire industrial revolution had been built on the concepts of Newton’s law, this was a problem. Rather than throw away Newton’s law, two groups of astronomers set about the idea that there might be another big planet in our solar system, beyond the orbit of Uranus and tugging on Uranus. Both groups came to the same conclusion, predicting the existence of Neptune. They predicted the exact location to look for Neptune, and there is was. A triumph for science,for cause and effect and for the laws of gravity.

Fast forward a few hundred years and history has repeated itself. The time a planet around another star has an orbit which disagrees with newton’s law. Once again, the correction is accounted for by assuming more planets.

Science repeats itself, and Newton reigns supreme once more.