The funky star trails

star trails on you tube

A very cool way of seeing the universe. 200 miles above the Earth, the international space station zooms around the Earth once every 90 minutes or so. From any spot on Earth it only takes a few minutes to move across the white sky. But what would it look like to be in it, and looking down? Few people will ever experience this, but this great you tube footage does a great job of putting you in the ISS. I use this trick in my classes all the time – what would you see if you stood _____ and looked in direction _____ for a long time ( “if you could see in the infared” is a great add on). It is a great opportunity to give students a chance to show off their knowledge, as opposed to just learning facts. So try to predict what you think you should see in a movie looking out the ISS window and then test yourself.

If you would like to see the ISS the Heavens Above website shows when when you can see it from your location.