Thinking outside the (small) box


The most frustrating aspect of exploring the solar system is that it can be expensive. Not really expensive when compared to many other things we pay for, but still expensive. This has lead us to go down the safe path of super missions- big but infrequent and very safe missions to explore very specific questions. Maybe this will all change though.

lunar cubesats

Cubesats are the new tool for the exploratory mind. Instead of doing a few big missions, why not do lots and lots of small missions? Cubesats are small, cheap and quiet reliable. We can get loads of data from lot of points, and who cares if one or two fail- we would still have hundreds. So what can we do with these shoe boxed sized satellites. Well, why not send a bunch to the moon. There is loads of science to be done at our nearest neighbor, and it serves as a great proof of concept for going further afield. What else could we do with a load of small individual satellites? Time to think outside the box.

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