Two suns?

star wars planets.


We have always been interested in the question of life in the universe. One way of answering this question is to estimate how many life bearing planets might exist. Our approach to studying his question has been long based on the assumption that we a star like ours. It should be of average brightness, average mass, and on its own. However most stars are part of binary system – i.e., two stars orbiting each other, and we have always though that such binary system would be too unstable to have planets.

Of course data has the tendency to upset such assumptions, and here is a great example of this. New data from the Kepler mission has found a nice stable planet with two parent Suns. How will this affect out estimates of the number of potential life bearing planets. Well, if confirmed, this estimate will at least double and probably even triple. Maybe the next series of telescope currently being planned will even see these planets.


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  1. I believe there are forms of life in other places around space, it is too big for plane Earth to be the only planet with life in it. Probably there is life in one of these two planes orbiting the binary system, even on both planets.


  2. I feel like the last few years we have made so many technological advances that will help find planets that have/had life or could have life. The rover on mars is a good example of how much we have advanced. I will be super interested in seeing if these new telescopes will be able to help answer the age old question “is there life on other planets”.


  3. This is a huge find! I hope that one day humankind would have the ability to travel to distant galaxies and solar systems. Space exploration is something that has excited me because theres so much to explore and so much to learn about our own planet.


  4. Star Wars is the originator of my love of space, of the possibilities out there. Now this recent information comes to light. How exciting!


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