M-i-c, k-e-y, M-o-u, s-e


I have two young kids so inevitably I watch a lot of Mickey Mouse. This story from Wired resonates with me.


All that has happened here is that one big asteroid crashed on mercury, and sometime later two smaller asteroid crashed to make the ears. As Mercury has little or no atmosphere or erosion these patterns are bound to occur somewhere. On earth we would have the same patterns but plate tectonics, volcanoes and wind has removed almost all evidence of craters on our planet.

It does however prove show two nice points about science. First, the human brain is great at looking at images like these and making them look like something they recognize. This is a basic instinct installed in all humans from birth. Faces are a natural shape for a brain to draw. Second, you can teach astrophysics to a 2 year old.



2 comments on “M-i-c, k-e-y, M-o-u, s-e

  1. I love this Wired Science website; the pictures of space were so neat. It’s hard to believe the technology that allows us to see these amazing sights. These astroid marks really do look like Mickey Mouse. I showed it to my siblings and they immediately thought of Mickey Mouse. That’s such a cool way to introduce Astronomy to kids!


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