Deflecting an asteroid, with paintballs

A fantastic think-outside-the-box idea from a student at MIT.

Sung wool paek suggests we fire paintballs at any asteroid on a crash collision with Earth. The combined effects of multiple hits will knock the asteroid slightly off course. Then the white paint will increase the asteroid’s reflectivity, moving the asteroid more and more off course. The only catch it that we need about 20 years warning, and we’ll need to fire the paintballs from space. Nevermind the naysaying though, this is a great piece of thinking way outside the box.


3 comments on “Deflecting an asteroid, with paintballs

  1. This is a pretty interesting idea. I wonder if there would be any way to test it. And I wonder if there is a limitation on how fast the asteroid would be going in order for us to hit it hard enough to knock it off course.


  2. I think it’s awesome that a student, much like us, came up with this idea. Definitely creative to consider that something such as paintball could possibly save the Earth from an asteroid, if all of the elements of this plan worked out. Either way, I love seeing people come up with ideas and plans such a this because it reminds us that with knowledge comes power, the power to possibly save our planet.


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