Close call


Great NASA video on the close call asteroid which will buzz the Earth next week.

It may sound unsettling to hear that a potential killer known as asteroid 2012 DA14 will be coming closer to Earth than telecommunication satellites on Feb. 15, but don’t panic: Earth’s gravitational field will give it such a kick that we’ll never have to worry about it again. It has been getting closer to Earth for quite a while, but this is the closest predicted flyby for this object both in the past and in the future. NASA’s calculations show that Earth’s gravity will perturb the 150-foot-wide (45-meter-wide) asteroid’s orbital period, which had been getting close to Earth’s own one-year orbit. Earth is going to actually put this one in an orbit that is considerably safer than the orbit it has been in. There is an extremely remote chance that 2012 DA14 could hit a satellite on its way in or out of Earth’s neighborhood, and that satellite operators were being given orbital tracking data as a precaution. That makes 2012 DA14 nothing more than one of the universe’s most vivid reminders that we live in a cosmic shooting gallery.


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  1. How are the scientists so sure that the asteroid will not impact the earth? This is something i would love to see too bad i do not live in the areas where the asteroid will be visible.


  2. Its really amazes me that this asteroid is coming so close to earth. A lot of the time we fail to think that there is anything out there besides us, that could be potentially harmful. This post really made me stop and think about what other things could happen, to earth, that are related to space and the universe and all of the things (known and unknown) that could be harmful.
    -Ryanne Medore


  3. It is really intereting to know that the Earth’s gravitational field is able to push the asteroids into a safer orbit. However, it is scary to know that it could hit a satellite on its way in or out Earth’s neighborhood. I wonder if it did happen what are the results of it?


  4. That is a very close call but i wonder will there be anymore asteroids that will head for earth? Because Apparently the earth suppose to end on Dec 21st 2012 and it makes me wonder from that Asteroid is that a sign of other situations for the future?


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