Dark skies



Here in the southwest USA we are spoiled with our dark skies. Anyone only has to travel a few miles into the desert and they will be able to see the wonder of the universe first hand. Elsewhere things are not so good. Many people have never even had the chance to see our own galaxy, the Milky Way. From now through Earth Day, April 22, an on-line “Earth and Sky” photo contest is open for submission by any photography enthusiasts of any age from around the world. International projects The World at Night and Global Astronomy Month along with the National Optical Astronomy Observatory are the organizers of the Earth and Sky Photo Contest. The contest was founded by TWAN and Dark Skies Awareness project in 2008 as a regional program. It was expanded to an international effort in 2009 during the International Year of Astronomy. In 2012 participants from about 50 countries submitted a wonderful collection of nightscape images. The contest news was broadcasted by major science news media world-wide and the winning images were widely promoted. With the growing efforts of Astronomers Without Borders (AWB), the organization behind the Global Astronomy Month, the Earth and Sky Photo Contest will have an even larger feedback this year.


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  1. we are lucky to have access to such a beautiful view, but sadly that not everyone can do same. I can imagine all the amazing photographs that are going to be submitted to the contest.


  2. It nice to be able to see the sky like I could back home in the north east. I really like being able to look up and see the stars, and not have the lights of the city cover it up.


  3. This is very interesting I had no idea contests like this existed. I wonder what constellations people in big cities are able to see? Taurus and Orion are two that are usually very visible here in the southwest.


  4. This is great. tomorrow is my girlfriends birthday and i will drive a few miles out of town for the both of us to see the beautiful night skies. Thanks to this article i got a great idea.
    Aurelio Miralda


  5. Thank you for the posting professor; my son’s already gone outside to see what he can take pictures of out in our beautiful sky! Great info, thanks again!
    Lynn Guest


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