The big Mars hoax


Yep. It’s happening once more. By email, twitter, facebook. On August 27, 2013 – Mars will appear as large as a full moon in Earth’s sky.

SEE MARS AS LARGE AS THE FULL MOON ON 27TH AUGUST 2013. Should be spectacular! Truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Can it possibly be true?

No. It can’t. The email and photo are perpetuating a hoax that rears its crazy head every summer. The hoax has circulated every summer since 2003. Mars can never appear as large as a full moon as seen from Earth, and Mars will not even be at its brightest in August of 2013. In fact, right now, Mars is relatively faint and inconspicuous in the predawn sky, shortly before the sun comes up.

In August of 2013, Mars appears in the eastern sky during the wee hours before dawn. It’s not far from another planet, a brighter planet, Jupiter. Jupiter is the second-brightest planet; Venus is the brightest planet Mars sometimes achieves a brightness close to that of Jupiter, but, even so, Mars always looks like a star, with nowhere the size or brilliance of the full moon.

As seen from Earth, in months when Mars does appear side by side with a full moon (and, again, that’s not happening in August 0f 2013, or in any month this year), Mars’ diameter is about 1/140th the diameter of the full moon.

You would have had to line up 140 planet Mars – side by side – to equal the moon’s diameter.

So how did this rumor of Mars-as-big-and-bright-as-the-moon get started? It started with an actual event, in 2003. On August 27 of that year, Earth and Mars came very slightly closer than they’d been in nearly 60,000 years. Our two worlds, center-to-center, were less than 35 million miles apart – just over three light-minutes apart. The last people to come so close to Mars were Neanderthals. Astronomy writers like me had a field day that year, talking about Mars at its closest. Was it a spectacular sight? Yes! It looked like a dot of flame in the night sky.

Was Mars as big and bright as the moon, even at its closest in 2003? Never.
But the hoax sticks around.


7 comments on “The big Mars hoax

  1. It’s crazy, and sad, how rumors are spread to extreme measures like this. I feel like if you are really confused, you could easily do your own research on the internet and find that it is false information.


  2. I wonder how close Mars would have to be in order to look as large as the moon- and what would have to happen to get it that close. Some sort of very dramatic event, I’m sure! This might be interesting to think about as we study gravity more.


  3. This is so fake! This isn’t the first time I have seen it, and seeing it twice doesn’t make it easier. The difference in the distance from the earth is enough that mars would never be as big as the moon in the night sky and if it was the earth would be doomed, so I’m glad it’s not true.


  4. I find this to be extremely funny. Who comes up with such a hoax as this one? I think its pretty common sense to know that you can never see other planets that well in the night sky, maybe with a telescope but not with plain eyesight.


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