Mars, 4 billion years ago


It might be a dead planet now, but it was probably a lush and active planet in its infancy. Mars is well know now as the dry, cold, red planet, but back in the early solar system everything was different. It was probably wet, probably had an atmosphere. So, what would a habitable, watery Mars look like? Perhaps it looked like this cloud-covered lake scene.

Take a look as the movie soars across the ancient Martian, flying over lakes (which may have existed on a young, thick-atmosphered Mars) and mountainous canyons, and watch as it slowly transforms into the red, rocky planet today.


7 comments on “Mars, 4 billion years ago

  1. It’s completely amazing to see how much things have changed! It could have been so similar to earth and it just goes to show how things can drastically change…


  2. I wonder if it was enough time for life to have occurred. I still wish i could be one of the colonist to colonize mars but I don’t know what kind of help I would bring haha. If we were on mars would we find evidence of life?


  3. If this is supposed to be Mars 4 billion years ago, I still don’t understand how Venus could ever be our twin. Mars is more similar to us, even now than Venus. Venus’ atmospheric pressure would kill us if we tried to inhabit it. But Mars, then and now shows evidence that there could of been life and that although it has thin atmosphere now, we could live on Mars.


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