Touched by the beauty of the Sun. #amacrojot #beauty #sun #aurora

Beauty is a over-used word. But in this case, it’s the only word.

As scientists, we often get asked why we do science.
Is it to help society? Well, we do invent technological advances, medical advances, and engineering advances, but that’s not why do to science.

Is it to make money for the country? Well, we do return investment at the rate of 10:1 over a decade, invent the internet, create new modes of travel, but that’s not why we do science.
Is it to educate? Well, we do teach in critical thinking, mathematics and engineering, but that’s not why we do it.

We do science because nature is beautiful. In fact, the only thing as beautiful as this video is the mathematics we use to explain why this happens. There is no need for the mystical, the magical, or the deities to explain this beauty. This is just mathematical beauty, dancing in front of our eyes.

Great job, Sun.
Keep reminding us why we do this.