A stellar smile, #FlourineStar

Consider this when you are brushing your teeth this evening -that fluorine came from a dead star. Fluorine can only be formed in the conditions available inside stars much like our Sun. Then, in the moments before they die, these stars shed their outer layers, including the Fluorine. That is spat into the space between stars, the interstellar, where new stars are formed. So when our Sun and planets were formed from a mass of gas and dust, all the Fluorine present, must have came from one of our Sun’s ancestors.

Makes you think twice before you go to bed.

You can’t find the full story in earthsky.org



5 comments on “A stellar smile, #FlourineStar

  1. It’s incredible to think that the fluorine we use is trillions of years old and we use it on a daily basis for something as simple as cleaning our teeth. I’m interested in finding out why we use fluorine for cleaning and what other uses we have for it.


  2. I did not know that fluorine came from dead stars billion years ago. Its pretty interesting to know we are brushing our teeth from dead stars. Wonder if researchers are turning to other types of stars, and wonder if they find other elements that are not from earth as well, from other dead stars.


  3. Many people go through life without giving much thought as the origin of the products they use or consume on a daily basis. The fact that the fluorine in my toothpaste came from a dead star made me stop to ponder a bit I must admit.


  4. It is really interesting that all elements came from stars. Using toothpaste is a must unless you feel better not to brush your teeth, but otherwise elements are used in everyday needs.


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