Lucy in the sky with diamonds. #CometDiamonds #Younger Dryas

Diamonds. Millions of them, for free. Unfortunately they are microscopic but it turns out they are evidence of a catastrophic climate change that occurred about 13,000 years ago known as the Younger Dryas event. The new discovery is presented in newest journal of geology

The Younger Dryas event was a real Big Freeze, a 1000-yr period of cold climatic conditions and drought leading to global climate change and extinctions. One of the many theories to explain this freeze is that of a comet, or a series of comets striking Earth. However, these comets would also have left evidence of their path through the Earth’s atmosphere- and this is where the nanodiamonds come into the story. This new study has found a number of these nanodiamonds across the world, material that of exactly the correct age, and material that could only have been formed by a large comet crashing into a Earth.

From such a cataclysmic event, diamonds were created in the sky.


4 comments on “Lucy in the sky with diamonds. #CometDiamonds #Younger Dryas

  1. Amazing, could we try and get these diamonds to boost our economy? Instead of digging for diamonds we mind as well go out to get them. This might explain why dinosaurs extinct. Some questions could be answered today then rather being answered years ago.


  2. It’s amazing to think that there is “nanodiamonds” scattered over some 50 million square kilometers around the globe as a result of a catastrophic impact on the planet. The magnitude of such an event is hard to grasp!


  3. I find it fascinating that comets can be made up of or contain diamonds. I find it interesting simply for the fact that we value diamonds so much in our society. It makes sense to me that some diamonds would separate from the comet as it passes through our atmosphere because it is heated to an incredible degree and is going at a tremendously fast rate. I am surprised that it took so long for this discovery to be made. I would like to know why the diamonds stayed in the sky and for this long.


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