Space, meet Space #amacrojot #ISS


Space is awesome.

I mean awesome in the original meaning of the word ‘awesome’, in that it fills us with awe. In the new meaning of the word awesome (i.e., cool)  we, as humans, are gradually learning how to live in space by spending time on the International Space Station. In this amazing footage from the international space station, an astronaut Scott Kelly, captures footage of the Northern lights (particles from the Sun hitting the Earth) just as the Sun begins to rise. Flying over the Earth, looking down at the Sun’s affects in both the light and energy it provides, and how it bombards us with particles, makes us see how fragile the planet is. And maybe fills us with awe again.

You can see the ISS in the sky quite often. You just have to know when and where to look.

Just to and select your location. The next good chance from Las Cruces is Thursday August 20, 2015, at 9pm.

Just look up.



5 comments on “Space, meet Space #amacrojot #ISS

  1. Space for me has always been a subject that I love and i hate. I like to be able to be in control of my own things and that includes my knowledge. However, with space, it boils down to simply admitting that what we know is probably not even a percentage of what is really out there. That is why it makes is so interesting, the wonder factor keeps dragging me in, the northern lights only add to that.


  2. It truly is mind blowing at how big the universe truly is. Trying to comprehend how small we truly are is insane!


  3. I also believe that people are to caught up in the social media and technology to realize the beauty of simple things, like meadows, trees, and the sky. I personally love to lay back and just stare into the night sky and wander into that infinity, wondering how in the heck something so vast was created and realizing how small we are. The time lapse video was awesome I love the flow of the green light in the beginning.


  4. I think one day we will be able to live in space, which would be spectacular. Our world, and everything around it is so amazing.


  5. It is both awe-inspiring and humbling. the process of life on this planet is so delicate, so fragile. And we are just the smallest conscious creatures running around on our planet surrounded by the majesty everyday. Most of the time we take it for granted and we never bother to unglue ourselves from our phone screens to just look up. look up and marvel at what lays just beyond our reach.


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