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There is no doubt that a big rock from space hurtled through the Earth’s atmosphere at the same approximate time that the dinosaurs were eliminated from the species chain 65 million years ago. But despite this common knowledge, there is still an open question as to whether Dinosaurs were on the way out anyway, whether a new spurt of volcanic eruptions finally knocked them off, or whether really was a case of Death By Comet.


New research published in Science suggest it may have been the perfect storm of all three of three reasons.

State shift in Deccan volcanism at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary, possibly induced by impact

As reported on EarthSky.org

A team of geologists have uncovered evidence that an asteroid impact on Earth 66 million years ago accelerated huge Indian volcanic eruptions – known as the Deccan Traps – for hundreds of thousands of years. The researchers suggest that, together, these planet-wide catastrophes led to the extinction of many land and marine animals, including the dinosaurs.

The researchers found that the eruptions accelerated within 50,000 years of the asteroid impact and were likely reignited by the impact, which may have generated magnitude 9 earthquakes or stronger everywhere on Earth.

For 35 years, paleontologists and geologists have debated the role that these two global events – the asteroid impact and the Deccan Traps eruptions – played in the last mass extinction. One side claims the eruptions were irrelevant, and the other side claims the impact was a blip in a long-term die-off.

The new evidence includes what the researcher say are the most accurate dates yet for the volcanic eruptions before and after the impact. The new dates show that the Deccan Traps lava flows, which at the time were erupting at a slower pace, doubled in output within 50,000 years of the asteroid or comet impact that is thought to have initiated the last mass extinction on Earth.

Both the impact and the volcanism would have blanketed the planet with dust and noxious fumes, say the scientists, drastically changing the climate and sending many species to an early grave.

Luckily for us humans, looks like the Dinosaurs never stood a chance.


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  1. It is crazy to think how violent a planet can become due to something you can’t control hitting it. I hope nothing like this will ever happen in our lifetime.


  2. This article is very interesting in the fact that it involves something so long ago. We talk about the extinction of the dinosaurs as if it was simply no big deal for humans but it actually can tell a lot about where humans are going. This was a great read!


  3. Wow! How interesting! I knew about the asteroid hitting the Earth around when dinosaurs were going extinct but I did not realize that so-called Deccan Traps eruptions also contributed.


  4. I think it’s so cool that we can find out what happened so long ago, but I think that the same thing will happen to the Earth again, but nobody knows when.


  5. Just think, if Dinosaurs were wiped out from a meteor 66 million years ago, who’s to think that this wouldn’t happen to us soon enough?


  6. Just reading this reminds me of another theory that was shared with me awhile back. The theory states that dinosaurs went extinct due to their feces, dinosaurs were huge and massive, a herd comprised of a group of up to 20 animals that lived together. Scientist took this herd and figured out that they produced over 470 tons of poop over a period of time. This resulted in greenhouse gas (methane) which absorbs all the heat from the sun and traps it in the earths atmosphere. Then, theres another argument that the mighty dinosaurs were brought down by a tiny, biting disease carrying insects. Anyway, this theory of death by comet makes more sense than all the other theories that are floating around out there. Fascinating stuff.


  7. This would be such a harsh earth, imagine the conditions organism lived through? This would be a horrible place to live luckily we weren’t around yet.


  8. This makes perfect sense. We have always had several theories on how dinosaurs went extinct but now we have evidence that may bridge the gap between the 2 most common theories of extinction. What an exciting time to be alive


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