The universe is playing fair #CosmologicalPrinciple

The cosmological principle states that we’re not in a special place. In essence, the chunk of the universe we see is a fair and unbiased sample of the entire universe. Only if this is true, can we then proceed to claim that things we find out about the universe we can see are actual truths about the entire Universe. It is the bedrock of all scientific knowledge. If true, it leads to two features about the distribution of matter  – stuff should be homogeneous (i.e., uniform) and isotropic (i.e., the same in all directions). Note, our solar system is neither, our galaxy is neither, and even our local cluster of galaxies is neither. But on really large size scales, these two principles are true via observations. New simulations now agree with this. So, you’re not special, and this is a good thing.

Cosmologists show that universe is expanding uniformly

The universe is expanding uniformly according to research led by University College London (UCL) which reports that space isn’t stretching in a preferred direction or spinning. The new research, just published in Physical Review Letters, studied the cosmic microwave background (CMB) which is the remnant radiation from the Big Bang. It shows the universe expands the same way in all directions, supporting the assumptions made in cosmologists’ standard model of the universe.