Where does the solar system end?



It has to end somewhere. Scientifically the solar system has more than one end point. More correctly the sun has more than one end point. The sun gives off a constant steam of particles. At earth we are inside this stream, so even here we are still in the sun. The latest new from the voyager mission is has now reached a new boundary, 11 billion miles from earth. Eventually the stream of particles from the sun hits interstellar space and slows down. Other changes, in the magnetic field strength and direction should also happen. Voyager will keep going and going, so it will be become the first man made object to leave the Sun. The big question is, with only a few dozen years of battery left, will we know when it does so?


The dragon docks


SpaceX’s billionaire founder Elon Musk calls Dragon capsule just the beginning

http://where were you when the dragon docked?

Don’t underestimate how important this day was. For the first time a privately funded space vehicle docked with another body. Government funded exploration is great, when the government sees that it’ll play a political role- the most famous example being the moon landings. But it took private money to explore Australia, private money to get Columbus funded, private money to explore the depths of the ocean (a few weeks ago). These are rich people who want a legacy, so will throw what ever it takes. By as pioneers, they will not pay more than they should and wasted money and overruns are unacceptable. Remember this day, it could be the start of a new generation of exploration for mankind.

Billionaires and asteroid mining


Asteroid mining a reality

One of the best stories of the year.

A bunch of billionaires want to go and mine asteroids for water and platinum. With the depressing news recently regarding government funding of science, the demise of the shuttle, and the lack of jobs, it is actually refreshing to see private money step in. Even if they only do it for profit the spin off for society will be huge. It is natural and human to explore, to see what it out where, to stretch the boundaries. And it could start new interest in engineering and science, similar to the Apollo era.
This is what makes space great.