Earth, calling europa, come in Europa

“Is there Life on Europa, Io or Ganymede?” New Mission Set to Jupiter’s Moons
life on europa, io, or ganymede


The new ESA mission is set to study the bigger moons of Jupiter for signs of life. 20 years ago this project would have been dismissed as mad, but the last two decades of Earth studies have changed all that. We found that now matter where we look at on Earth, no matter how inhospitable, no matter how nasty, if you provide some sort of heat and liquid then you get life. Now we’re not talking about iPhones, coffee and Facebook; but we do get microorganisms, bigger life that lives on them, bigger ones depend on those and so on. This makes the galilean moons of Jupiter prime candidates. Their proximity to the giant planets means they get squished and squashed during their orbits, keeping them hot inside. Their icy composition makes water a distinct possibility. Take some water, add in heat, and why not have life? We’ll know soon, and it could change everything.